Monthly Archives: September 2011

Controlling my greed!

Change Is Constant, Stay the Course!

I stayed away from last week bull run when newspaper/ online channels were painting rosy picture of improving economy and Greece recovery. I controlled my impulse to dive into flow of market. This week same news managers are announcing end of world for equities, gold and rest of world economy. This time I controlled my impulse to get into panic and made my regular investment into long term fund.

I choose my favorites ETF at low prices (8%-9% lower). I am not claiming I making fortunes built I am managing losses. I am trying manage my losses in bear market where buying sentiments are negative and it is time pick and choose your poison. I know after couple year when sentiment change I will reap those benefits then I probably will be buying gold or bonds :).

All in end I am trying to control my market impulse let see if I can continue to time my investment in the market.

Wish me luck!


Another Day of Investor Greed!

A negative response to the Fed’s “Operation Twist,” so labeled by market participants, stirred sellers to action today. Their conviction made it impossible for tech stocks to provide leadership after trading with strength for so much of the session.

Market is down today and I think best day of month to invest in my chosen funds for long terms investments.

You don’t have to Warren Buffet or industry insider to make a decent gain on long term. Buy this fear today and you will next couple of day when market up by 100 points or down by another 100 but idea is always buy at lower curve .

Enjoy the ride!