Controlling my greed!

Change Is Constant, Stay the Course!

I stayed away from last week bull run when newspaper/ online channels were painting rosy picture of improving economy and Greece recovery. I controlled my impulse to dive into flow of market. This week same news managers are announcing end of world for equities, gold and rest of world economy. This time I controlled my impulse to get into panic and made my regular investment into long term fund.

I choose my favorites ETF at low prices (8%-9% lower). I am not claiming I making fortunes built I am managing losses. I am trying manage my losses in bear market where buying sentiments are negative and it is time pick and choose your poison. I know after couple year when sentiment change I will reap those benefits then I probably will be buying gold or bonds :).

All in end I am trying to control my market impulse let see if I can continue to time my investment in the market.

Wish me luck!


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